The Cast: My Family

At first I thought I’d leave names out of the blog and just call my kids and husband my kids and husband.  But I’ve been contemplating changing that; making the blog more personal but still not a personal blog.  Now, that contemplation has turned into action.  I think that if I’m going to talk about someone in numerous posts it’s best to call them by name.  So here they are, some of the people that matter most to me!


My husband Murry.  Besides being good looking and extremely intelligent; he’s my supreme confidant.  My walking, talking exercise dictionary.  In the equation of Aspen + Murry = LOVE, Murry is the laid-back, easy-going, not bothered by what other people think variable.  He brings balance to my crazy and has pretty good taste in food, too.  Murry is also a great provider a father.  He’s pretty awesome, seriously!  We met in 2006 and were married seven months later.  We’ve been married for almost eight years.  I feel capable of lots of kick-butt things having him by my side.

Emron Baby boy number one, Emron.  Emron is five years old.  He loves school, and reading, and super heroes, and coloring.   He has sloppy boy handwriting but is known to write love notes to his mom.  Emron has a sweet, sensitive heart.  He plays with his little brother pretty well, for the most part.  Emron was born running.  He doesn’t walk, he runs.  At the age of four he ran his first race, a full mile without stopping.  A year later he ran 3.5 miles in 40 minutes.  He’s a stud.  Emron has a extensive vocabulary but still pronounces some words incorrectly.  My favorite is re-cept for except!

EliBaby boy number two, Eli.  Eli is, and will always be our miracle baby.  He is three years old so we don’t really think about his tumultuous beginning, but Eli was born a fighter.  He’s the best problem solver.  For the most part his solutions involve super powers, but hey, I’m not going to mess with that kind of confidence.  Eli wants to be like his brother.  He tries to read and write.  Eli can count to sixteen.  In fact sixteen is probably his favorite number.  He can’t wait to turn sixteen, the age at which he has decided he can watch The Power Rangers on TV.  Eli is very affectionate and can often be heard saying “That’s my mom!”


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