A Busy Summer

Dear Blog Followers,

You might have asked yourself: where did Aspen go?  What has she been up to?  Not keeping up with the blog to be certain!  Remember that post a while back when I wrote about all of the major life changes we were contemplating and the decisions we came upon?  One of the changes was me going back to work, back to working outside of the home at a Gold’s Gym near our home.  As a personal trainer my workload started off really light as I built up my client base.  But now that the base is growing and seems hard to control.  This is a good thing, and a fun thing and, oh my goodness I feel like I can really see the good I am working in the lives of my clients.  I’m happy to report that I’ve found a passion more than just a job!

So, in light of all of my rekindled interest in fitness I’ll be making some changes to the blog.  I’m hoping to return to my original F cubed focus: fitness, food and family.  As of late (always) the posts I write have been more food-centric, but that’s about to change.  So, please bear with me and know, blog followers, that I have not forgotten about you.  Stay tuned!



3 thoughts on “A Busy Summer

  1. Really….please BARE with me…is that because you look good unclothed? My goodness, spell check just doesn’t catch everything, does it?

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