Recipe Testing and Being a Mom

I have spent A LOT of time in the kitchen lately.  A LOT!  So much so that yesterday when the boys were enjoying their afternoon snack, Emron commented that I “sure do like makin’ stuff.”  I told him I did.  What I don’t like about the whole creative process  is the mess that it makes.  And I am not one of those clean kitchen cookers.  I am messy and loud.  My family complains about the noise I make, and I complain about my dry hands from doing so many dishes.  To be fair, Murry helps with the dishes when he is home, and that is super nice!  Look, here’s a messy day and that doesn’t even compare with what I can going a few days ago:

Working in the kitchen means making a mess, at least it does for me!

See, messy!  Are you a messy cook? Or do you clean as you go?  I’m curious.

Next topic for today: Being a mom.  It’s challenging sometimes, huh?  Today we attended Emron’s Fairytale Theater.  His kindergarten class has been practicing their play for a few weeks; mum was the word as they kept  exactly what they were doing at school secret.  There were songs and dancing and several fairy tale skits.  Emron was co-narrator.  I knew he was nervous as soon as I walked in the classroom.  I could tell just by looking at him, but then as they began I watched him take a great big breath and it was all I could do to keep it together!  I wanted to take his nerves away even though I was confident in his ability to preform and I felt a bit helpless sitting in the audience.

The play ended up being quite entertaining and everyone did a really good job!

Driving home I thought on my close to tears moment.  If I had cried it wouldn’t have been because I was happy.  It would have had more do to with the thought of losing the baby that I once had.  But, then, growing up is life.  I shouldn’t feel sadness over that; and so there’s the rub.  As a mom I want my kid to grow up and do great things, but at the same time it’s hard to think of my baby being on his own and not needing me.

I know this might not resonate with some of you, but it’s my blog and my thoughts, so there!  Nonetheless, I hope it’s a great day and that you don’t have any close to tears moments today AND that your kitchen gets messy, because that means you are using it!

5 thoughts on “Recipe Testing and Being a Mom

  1. It resonates with me completely! I have those losing the baby moments so often… even here at home as I see him do things on his own. Of course he gives me those laugh and bust a gut moments too like a few seconds ago in his attempt to get to watch a TV show before bed… he says “But I never watched TV before…” LOL! Sigh… he’s 3 – it was a lie but I just had to laugh!

    • Awe, so cute! Three has been such a fun age with my youngest. He is so full of love for his momma and still speaks with a little lisp. Cute! I guess we just have to do our best to soak in all the “baby” moments and relish the growth that comes with each passing day!

  2. I am a super messy kitchen person/cook/baker. My husband even comments on it. I also don’t like the “cleaning up” part. Often I do clean as I go, however it doesn’t always work out that way. Even if I do “clean as I go” it’s still messy.
    Ohhhh, losing your baby. I have a 6 almost 7 year old boy and 3 almost 4 year old girl. The stages and phases are definitely different, and sometimes it can be sad seeing them grow. Have you ever thought of the far future when they move out and all. I have =(.
    Blessings Aspen=)

    • Staci,
      I don’t like thinking that far into the future, but I don’t think having the boys living in the basement playing video games at the age of 20 sounds great, either! I want them to grow up and stay little at the same time! That’s not too much to ask, is it??
      Glad I’m not the only mess in the kitchen! I’d rather make my kitchen dirty than eat crumby food! 🙂
      Thanks for the note, best to you!

      • I totally hear you there. I want them to grow up and stay little too also. They’re so fun right now. My hope and prayer is that they grow up happy, healthy and responsible. And I really hope they will still be affectionate with me like they are today. =)

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