Lunchtime: More Spinach {PALEO}

I feel like I am still waiting for the New Year to begin.  I kept saying to myself, “Self, once school starts back up you’ll get back to your routine and, BAM! everything will be back on track.”  But, life has different plans.  Eli stayed home from preschool yesterday after a terrible night of fever and nightmares.  Murry stayed home from work, feeling a bit under the weather and worn out from Eli’s night.  Emron went to school, but has today off as school was canceled due to cold weather.  My routine just won’t fall back into place!  Honestly, its okay.  We’ve been eating fine and finding time to exercise.  The house wasn’t as clean as I prefer, but that’s been remedied today.  I guess I need to move on.  I had this New Year expectation, like I would be greeted with… I don’t know, something, something that made the year feel new and different, exciting even.  But, it feels the same and I need to get over it.  Just typing that out makes me feel a bit better.

Anyhow.  This is my lunch from today.  I wanted to get something up on the blog and this is about as good as it is going to get for right now.  I had sautéed spinach, chicken apple sausage, leftover roasted acorn squash, topped with almonds and currants; a little salt and pepper.  In the crockpot you’ll find dinner: Pulled Pork Chili.  And tomorrow, you might just find me back into my “routine” (pending school closures :)).

Paleo Leftovers Bowl

Stay warm my loves!

2 thoughts on “Lunchtime: More Spinach {PALEO}

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