Christmas Giving Wrap-Up

I’ve totally unplugged for the last few days.   I usually check Facebook twice a day, log-on to the blog at least once a day and check both of my emails regularly throughout the day.  And, since I have small children I did a lot of our Christmas shopping online, always searching for the best deal and probably spending more time on it than completely necessary.  I needed a break from my computer and I took one.  It has been so nice!

But I’ve not forgotten about you!

Here is what we did to round out our 13 Days of Christmas Giving:

  1. Donated to Christmas in Delta.
  2. Wrote notes to thank each of the boys’ teachers and took them treats.  Emron insisted on taking treats to his music teacher, too.
  3. We helped the Office Depot guy outside of our building.  He was asking how to get to a certain unit when my hubby unexpectedly offered to take care of it for him.  We hiked up the stairs and helped him out.
  4. We made cookies and took them to our neighbors.
  5. The boys made special Christmas cards and a fudge and cookie plate for the lady who works in the office of our complex.  She is always giving the kiddos treats and we wanted to thank her for all of her kindness.

Admittedly, we didn’t complete all of the activities that I had planned.  I really wanted to buy hot chocolate for the bell ringers on a cold day, but every time we tried, they weren’t there.  I had planned on going to the park to pick up garbage, but it was either rainy, or wet, or super cold.

Even though our 13 Days of Christmas Giving did not go exactly as planned I think it was a success, and something we will do in years to come.  I asked the boys how they felt about the exercise and they both said they liked it.  Emron’s favorite was thanking the firefighters and giving them a treat.  Eli loved putting candy canes on the neighbors doors.  For me, the take away was this: Make everyday a day of Christmas Giving.  It’s a bit corny, but I think that by taking a little time to look around, I’ll be able to see even small acts of kindness.  It kind of goes along with being unplugged; instead of focusing on my phone it’s more rewarding to focus on the people around me.  It feels good to give.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!


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