Random Act of Christmas Kindess: An Exercise in Being Flexible

For those who know me, it’s no secret that I’m a planner.  I set out to do something and I do it.  This personality trait can be helpful.  For example, if I’ve decided to run six miles one morning, I’ll run six miles regardless of the weather or how I’m feeling.  It also gives a tremendous amount of structure to my days as a stay at home mom.  For each day of the week there are assigned chores.  Monday: clean the bathrooms, Tuesday: dust and vacuum, Wednesday: mop the floors, you get the idea.

Since getting married and especially since having kids being a planner has become more difficult.  There are still many things that I can control, but not everything fits into my plan for the day; like sick kiddos and unaccounted for messes, or even positive things like the opportunity to give extra loves to the babe that is supposed to be tucked in bed or share a laugh while playing Legos instead of getting the laundry done because it’s laundry day.  My plans can actually be a hindrance at times.  I accept this and I own it and I’ve been working on being more flexible.  I’ve become less selfish and more able to go with the flow.  Honestly, I’ve grown up a lot.

Enter our 13 Days of Christmas Giving activity.  I thought hard about what I wanted to do with the kids; things that would help them to feel the power of giving and that they would understand.  As a family we’ve discussed each of the activities and fielded lots of questions.  We’ve been moving forward with our Giving and it’s been amazing.

Delta High SchoolThen came a plea from a friend I know from high school.  I didn’t realize she had moved back to our rural town with her family.  Furthermore, I never stopped to think about giving back to my old stomping grounds.  I was focused solely on the community outside of my front door.  This friend proposed raising $3000 to give to families within our town, Delta; people who don’t have warm coats to combat the Colorado winters, who don’t have shoes; folks who certainly would not know Christmas this year.

When I first read through her solicitation, I found a way to convince myself that I wasn’t going to help.  I had my plan and my plan did not include giving to Christmas in Delta.  We were going to give toys to Toys for Tots and put together toiletry kits for the local women and children’s shelter.

A week passed and still I hadn’t forgotten about this idea to give to the people in my hometown.  I wrestled with the idea.  I wasn’t sure how to explain to the boys that I went online and gave money to families that wouldn’t have Christmas without our help.  The toiletry kits and toys seemed so much more tangible, that’s how I planned it.  But then I thought back on the conversation I shared with my five-year-old.  He didn’t understand what it would be like to live in a shelter or how someone could even end up there; and why didn’t they just buy a house, he asked.  The complexities were lost on him.  So did it really matter if we gave locally or to my hometown?  It wasn’t what I planned, but giving back to the place I came from felt so right and so I did it.

I decided to be flexible, to change the plan a little.  My friend is just $100 short of her fundraising goal as I write this and I am grateful I was able to be a part of her effort!

One thought on “Random Act of Christmas Kindess: An Exercise in Being Flexible

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