13 Days of Christmas Giving

Confession:  I’m having a really hard time getting on board with the whole “Christmas Spirit” thing this year.  Maybe it’s because extended family is not close by and there are no plans to see anyone anytime soon.  Maybe because the weather won’t make up it’s mind; one day is 20 degrees the next it’s 60.  Maybe it’s because Christmas consumerism has been thrust upon us since before Halloween…  Perhaps, it’s a combination of all of these things.

BUT!  Instead of dwelling in my lack of spirit we’ve forged on, as a family and begun our 13 Days of Christmas Giving.  I’ve been inspired by other families who count down to Christmas with Random Acts of Christmas Kindness (RACK) but my kids have been little, or my life has been crazy, or both.  This year would be different, this year I decided we could handle some form of the 24 day count down and opted to tackle 13 “projects” to help us feel the spirit of Christmas, the spirit of giving.  This is what we’ve done so far:

RACK 1: Count your blessings and write them down.

My five-year-old tied what he had been learning at school into the discussion.  He told us about wants and needs and the difference between the two.  I just love when the home and classroom work seamlessly as a team!  We continued working on our list and came up with some really good ideas.  Toward the end things got a little silly; the three-year-old counted “Mon Shooters” among his blessings (and yes “Mon Shoter” is in the entire family’s vocabulary although none of us really know what it is).

RACK 2: Leave a candy cane on the neighbor’s doors.

We live in a condo and so it was really easy to hit a lot of doors in a short amount of time.  The boys had fun and loved the idea that someone would come home to find a sweet surprise at their door.

Candy Cane RACK

RACK 3: Leave popcorn on the Redbox machine.

Yesterday we placed popcorn packages on the Redbox machine yesterday so anyone renting a movie could enjoy a movie with complimentary popcorn.

Redbox RACKSo, that’s it for now.  I’ll share more as we complete different RACKs and hopefully as we do more for others I’ll start to feel more Christmas like.  Maybe some holiday baking will help…  Stay posted!

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