Leftovers for Lunch: Paleo Fire Chili, Sweet Potato, Guac {PALEO}

Disclaimer: This is not my prettiest meal, but the idea is definitely worth sharing…

We’ve had this insanely spicy chili in the fridge for some time.  It’s been dubbed “Paleo Fire Chili.” I made it a while back and then had it for leftovers once (I was almost in tears eating it).  It’s a chili recipe gone bad and while my hubby can take the heat, I cannot, and I’m not meek when it comes to spiciness.  The story goes salsa was my first “solid” food.  But!  Today when I opened the fridge, tummy growling, Paleo Fire Chili staring me down, I had an idea: serve the chili over that leftover baked sweet potato.  And!  And!  I have a super ripe avocado in the fruit basket; I’ll make some gauc.  I was excited!  Here’s how it all came together:

Paleo chili with sweet potatoes and guac.The sweet potato cut the spiciness and the guac added a nice flavor.  It was a delicious leftovers for lunch kind of day.


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