Saving Cilantro

I’m not sure there exists a bigger fan of cilantro than me.  I love the stuff and find many recipes where cilantro is the missing ingredient; without it it’s okay, but with a little bit of this chopped deliciousness you’ve got something special!  Here’s the conundrum: You buy a bunch, use a little , love it and then put it back in your fridge only to turn into a slimy brown green bunch of goo…  The next time you look for it you’ll be disappointed to find there’s no salvaging the mess and you have to throw it out, and you hate throwing food away.  Well my friends today I’m going to teach you my secret for saving cilantro.

Step 1:

Grab your cilantro, place it on your cutting board.  If the bunch is has a rubber band holding it together, keep the rubber band in place.

Bunch of Cilantro

Step 2:

Trim the ends.  Easy peesy.  I usually take off two to three inches.

Action Shot Triming the Ends

Step 3:

Remove the rubber band, if you have one and place the freshly trimmed cilantro in a glass of water.

Store it in a Cup of Water

Step 4:

Store the cilantro in the fridge.  It will last for at least a week, often longer.  Added bonus, it looks pretty and your five year old  might ask “Whatcha growing in there, Mom?” AND it’s hard to forget about when every time you open the refrigerator and see a beautiful bunch of green.

Hope you enjoy!

PS Did you know that cilantro can purify water?  See, now you’ve learned TWO new things today.

2 thoughts on “Saving Cilantro

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