Another F

The blog is all about three things I’m passionate about: family, fitness and food.  I’m going to let you know right now food is going to be my anchor.  It’s what I’ve got going right now.  I have always been one of those artistic types and while my “art” skills are terrible, I am able to express my creativity in my cooking and it’s fun and I love it.  I hope you do, too!

But today, today is about another f – FALL and… wait for it… I’ll weave a little fitness in here, too.  After living in season-less San Diego for the last six years I had convinced myself that I no longer needed seasons, that consistently good weather every day was my ideal.  So when we moved to the DC area last winter and it was cold and wet and cold, I was miserable.  Even when spring rolled around and the trees were in bloom I found myself missing season-less San Diego.  Summer passed by in a bit of a blur, but man oh man, fall has been a-m-a-z-i-n-g! Watching the leaves change color on my long weekend runs, noting the difference from one week to the next, catching leaves as the wind blows them down from trees.  I have felt like a little kid.

Fall Colors

Fall Colors 3

Today’s run was no different.  I was lucky to have perfect running weather, 60 F, light breeze and sunny.  I hit my usual trail and noticed how much the scenery had changed since the last time I ran.  So many of the leaves on the ground; the trees almost bare.  And, I’m not kidding when I tell you I only caught one out of three falling leaves that crossed my path (Wednesday’s run was better: I was three for five).  I said good morning to anyone I happened to pass, I even watched one man light up as he saw my leaf catching failure.  It was a good one and I’m sad to say there might not be a lot more runs like today, at least not this year.  It’s getting colder and the foliage is turning brown.  But, gosh, I’ve been so amazed by this wonderful fall.  And by how much more I enjoy running when there are pretty things to look at.

But truly the difference might have to do with the fact that I’ve started running only two days a week, between six and ten miles at a time, instead of five days a week at varied distance.  I guess the thinking on how much you should run is changing and many people believe less might just be more.  Nagging injuries I’ve had all summer have gone away. And, since incorporating a healthy dose of strength training into my routine I’ve felt stronger over the course of each run.  My times are slightly faster as well.  Perhaps, for now anyway, I’ve found a good balance.  I’m able to maintain my base and keep running the distance I want and I like doing it!

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